Mobile lubrication pump Z1P

Mobile lubrication pump Z1P is supplied with metal reservoir volume of 40 or 63 litres, with selectable supplied amount of lubricant 200 or 400 cm3/min. Working unit is equipped with safety valve with outlet pressure control and manometer. Electric motors are usually supplied with voltage of 230/400V AC, 415V AC and 500V AC. Other voltages consult the supplier. Mobile lubrication pump Z1P is equipped with a separate starter of the electric motor connected to ten-meter long supply cable terminating in a fork, and to five-meter long high pressure hose connected with lubrication gun with replaceable terminals. Lubricant supply mode is controlled by pressing the lubrication gun lever. Especially it may be supplied in the version with a gasoline motor with a nominal dose of 600 cm3/min. Mobile lubrication pumps Z1P are used for extensive manual lubrication stationary applications with requirements for large dose of lubricant, for the heaviest operating conditions. Large wheels and balanced chassis gravity centre enable easy manoeuvrability of the lubrication pump during handling on difficult terrain.