Oil lubrication unit for special application

Oil lubrication unit for special applications represents re-circulation lubrication system of machines with unusual build-in dimension or unusual parameters demands. It is widely applied by manufacturers of gearbox, special machines and machineries in technologically severe operations as power plants, sugar factories, cableways, and so on. The main feature is a design solution for the demanding requirements of selected characteristics of lubricating unit, as a design for Ex-proof, high degree of IP protection, vibration resistance, design for seismic active regions and nuclear power plants. Either the aggregate can be fitted with its own reservoir, or oil volume in lubricated machine (e.g. gearbox, bearing box) is used as an oil reservoir. Nominal dose of lubrication aggregates with reservoir is set to 0.5 – 600 dm3/min. Standard electric motors are 230/400V AC and 400/690V AC, for other voltages consult the supplier.