Hand-operated pump ZCA

ZCA hand-operated lubrication pumps are used as the simplest pressure source in lubrication circuits fitted with progressive distributors. They may be used also as a mobile lubrication pump for occasional lubrication of individual lubricated points of machines and equipment. Built-in ZCA lubrication pumps are usually used for occasional additional lubrication of separate groups of lubricated points of various machines, engineering techno-logies and equipment. Furthermore they can be used as a source of pressure lubricant for the circuits of central lubrication systems of lorries and other mobile machines and equipment.

ZCA lubrication pumps are supplied as standard with a 1.3 litre aluminium lubricant tank. Modifications of tank volume, re-fill method, pressure gauge usage and distribution of lubricant dose into more outlets by adding a progressive distributor are possible according to customers‘ requests. The nominal dose is 2 cm3.