Lubrication pump Z3

Lubricating pumps Z3 consist of electric piston lubrication pump Z1 with electric drive, and external electric two-line change-over valve installed on a common base frame. They are equipped with relief valve with working pressure adjustment, manometer at the outlet and filling grease filter, which may be preceded by a manual or electric stop-cock. Lubrication pump Z3 is fitted with a wiring for easy connection, and optionally control timer of two-line system. Pumps unit Z3 are supplied with reservoir volumes of 40, 63 or 100 litres and optional nominal lubricant doses 200 or 400 cm3/min. Standard electric motors are 230/400V AC, 415V AC and 500V AC, for other voltages consult supplier. Lubrication pumps Z3 are ideal for very large stationary applications with a large lubricant dose requirement for the hardest working conditions. The pump is able to supply a lubricant to more than two hundred lubricated points with different lubricant consumption according to a type and an amount of two-line distributors.

Technical details